The A2 Depot

This is our first blog post. I am not sure where to start. I never saw myself as writing a blog but as the store grows it might be time. I hope to post about current events in the pop culture world, new products and special sales or deal. This being the first I think I will just keep it simple.

How we began. We made a small Minecraft server that was running on an old computer in my office. It was great but the old system could not handle many players. We moved it online to make the server more stable but it got very expensive. We named it Addicted 2 Minecraft or A2MC for short or as the players called it A2. We started buying Minecraft related items on eBay and selling them in our store to help pay for the server expenses. When people would ask about the new items, they would go check the depot. It was just a small Buycraft store with ranks and a few small items. The store moved on to eBay for more exposure. The sales were good and it paid for the server but it was getting hard to find "cheap" items to sell for a profit. One of our players said it would be epic if we could get J!NX items and sell them. I figured it could not hurt to ask, so I did. I told them about the server and what we wanted to do and that I did not have much money. They were happy to hear that I was a gamer and that I was part of their world so they allowed us to open an account. The first thing I ordered was the Minecraft Steve J!NX Stuffed Plush Toy, a Minecraft Creeper J!NX Stuffed Plush Toy and my favorite the Minecraft Ocelot J!NX Stuffed Plush Toy. We have never looked back. was born!!. They store is growing faster and faster and we are always getting new items. The website has grown to so much more than just Minecraft and I have to say it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I hope there are a lot more posts to come.  -CDSquirrel