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Minecraft Digging Wall Cling

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. Steve Digging Wall Cling
Minecraft Digging Wall Cling

This is one of my favorite products. The wall cling looks very realistic. If you get this you may find yourself having to walk up to the wall every now and again just to check there is no hole there! More info…


Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics Mining 2-Pack

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. Steve Mining, Pig Cart.
Minecraft Wall graphics double pack.

Not content with the digging graphic? Then maybe you’d like a graphic of a pig in a minecart too. Who wouldn’t, right? Purchase this double-pack now to get both. More info…


Various Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics

Minecraft Bedroom Various Minecraft Stickers, Minecraft Decals
Minecraft Bedroom Various

Not currently seen a wall sticker that really takes your fancy? Well then check out this eBay seller who is selling 7 different styles of wall decal. From a cartoony looking enderman and creeper combo to the whole Minecraft group bursting through your wall. You’re bound to find something here. More info…

Enderman Wall Sticker

Enderman wall sticker
Enderman wall sticker

Standing at almost a metre high around half as wide, this Creepy looking Enderman decal would look at home in any Minecraft Bedroom….providing you don’t mind trying to get to sleep with an Enderman staring at you that is. More info…

Minecraft Nether Wall Graphic

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. Netherworld decal

If you prefer the darker, spookier side of Minecraft then this wall decal could be for you. The decal contains warm colours such as orange lava which is a nice contrast to the greens and browns found in the other Minecraft decals. The picture also shows various nether beasts such as zombies as well as what seems to be a portal in the background. All-in-all a nice piece. More info…

Minecraft 3D Wall Sticker

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. 3D Minecraft Steve Wall Sticker
3D Minecraft Steve Wall Sticker

A great 3D wall sticker that’s so convincing you may find yourself having to give it a second glance from time to time just make sure the hole isn’t really there! A great piece that will bring your room to life. Available in a variety of sizes. More info…

Minecraft Sunset Wall Sticker

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. Minecraft sunset wall decal.
Minecraft inspired sunset wall decal.

What’s more relaxing than a sunset? A Minecraft sunset in your Minecraft themed Bedroom that’s what! This stunning wall sticker shows a tiny quiet Minecraft village as the sun sets. This is a great quality piece and looks amazing as the bright setting sun contrasts amazingly with the dark village. This piece is available in two sizes and can be bought as a window cling or as a removable or permanent wall vinyl. More info…

Eat, Sleep, Mine Wall Sticker

Minecraft wallpaper, stickers, decals. eat-sleep-mine-wall-sticker

Words many Minecraft fans live by. This Minecraft motto would look great above a headboard or a doorway. The sticker is waterproof and super-easy to fit with application tape included! Also available in a variety of colors to suit any room. More info…